10,000 reasons to love Twitter’s new character limit

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  • February 1, 2016
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A good change for users, but a great change for marketers!

Twitter is set to abandon its current 140 character limit, with new plans to extend the limit to 10,000 characters.

Since the beginning of Twitter, a 140 character limit has always been in place to avoid clogging up timelines, but co-founder Jack Dorsey recently tweeted that this feature has become a “beautiful constraint”.

While Twitter is beloved by its users and in the media, it has failed to grow in the past year compared to its rivals, and Dorsey hopes this change will give Twitter a much-needed helping hand. Although there is no official launch date, the company is currently targeting to release this feature towards the end of the first quarter.

If you’re worried about how this change will affect your timeline, fear not, as it won’t be as obvious as many people are expecting. Tweets will be condensed down to 140 characters with a “read more” option, to avoid changing the way users scroll down their timeline.

From a business perspective, this may actually be a good thing. It has been rumoured that the analytics will also change to incorporate the new limit, and marketers could be the first to benefit from this.

At the moment, when a user clicks onto a blog post, they leave Twitter and go to the brands website. This means that once a user clicks the post, Twitter can no longer measure the users results. With more content on a Twitter post, Twitter will be able to see how long a person reads the content, how far they scrolled down, and how long it took them before they clicked onto the brand’s website. Twitter will then harvest these results to share it with advertisers and marketers to benefit future Twitter campaigns.

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